Andrew Geoghegan

British designer Andrew Geoghegan burst onto the British Jewellery scene in 1998 and has been garnering a reputation for precision – designed chic ever since. He creates pieces that unify, sometimes seemingly contradictory elements,angular facets and soft curves, warm shades and metallic coldness. Unity is an ever-present theme and inspiration of people and personalities as much as gems, precious metals, iridescent colour and striking form. Today’s collections show the power of intricate design and detailing to fuse these elements into exquisite timeless engagement and wedding rings .

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0.18ct Empress ring

0.18ct Empress ring AG70

0.34ct Clair De Lune

0.34ct Clair De Lune AGE64

Box ring AGE4

Box ring AGE4

Cannelé ring AGE61L

Cannelé ring AGE61

Cannelé ring AGE94

Cannelé ring AGE94


Cannelé ring AGE95

Cannelé Trios ring AGE57

Cannelé Trois ring AGE79

Celestial ring AGE44

Celestial ring AGE44

Chapiteau 0.17ct ring AGE66

Chapiteau 0.17ct ring AGE66

Chapiteau 0.39ct ring AGE65

Chapiteau 0.52ct ring AGE65

Chosen ring AGE54

Chosen ring AGE54

Decadence ring AGE12 side view

Decadence Ring AGE12


Lacuna ring AGE60n


Tourmaline Empress AGE80


Triumph ring AGE9