Redesign Jewellery with Steensons Jewellers

Ever wondered what to do with pieces in your jewellery box you don’t wear? Have you inherited jewellery which is of sentimental value but not your style? Melting down gold and reusing gemstones can be a creative way of giving your jewellery a new lease of life. That's where are redesign jewellery service comes in.

Our design team are specialists in redesigns, taking on board the reasons behind why you wish to re-model. Whether for sentimental or monetary value, we can advise the best designs to get the most out of your pieces. Book an appointment with our design team to discuss your options and bring all the pieces you have available to use along to your consultation.

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Does the old design dictate what can be made?

No, stones can be removed completely from their original settings and gold melted into a new shape giving you the freedom of a new canvas. The only limitations are the cut and size of the gemstones.

I’d like to upscale the piece, but the diamonds I’ve inherited are small?

You could consider adding a larger diamond or coloured stone to the design to give more impact. Our design team will advise how to best match the old stones with anything new.

How long does it take?

A new piece has a number of different stages to go through in manufacturing, some faster than others, but in most cases a remodel will take approx 10 weeks. If you have a specific deadline let your design consultant know during your initial consultation.

How much does it cost?

Cost can vary greatly depending on the design and manufacturing time involved and any additional metal or stones needed. Redesigns can range from a few hundred to a few thousand, but we always provide a free estimate after your initial consultation. We do not dismantle any of your jewellery until the design and cost has been approved.

What metals can be used?

We can recast any carat of yellow or rose gold. Rings and solid pieces give the most successful casts. Chains and multi linked bracelets can cause too many impurities, resulting in a poor cast or surface finish. Our staff will advise on alternatives in this instance. Silver, platinum and white gold cannot be re-modelled, but the scrap value for unused or excess metal can be taken off your final remodelling cost.

Can any gemstones be used?

Steensons only sell natural stones, but we will work with synthetic gemstones in redesigns. We will not work with glass or costume (paste) gems. Our staff have a good working knowledge of gemstones but if you need a stone identified and a report or value supplied, then we use the gemological services of the British Assay Offices. Fees for this service apply.
Our highly skilled goldsmiths will always take the greatest care when setting your stones. However occasionally stones, including diamonds, can be chipped or damaged during the setting process, Stones which pose the highest risk include, but are not limited to; Opals, pearls, Tanzanite and Emeralds. Irregular cuts, cuts with points or corners and stones that are already chipped or damaged are also considered high risk.