Visit Steensons Workshop Économusée

Steensons are delighted to welcome visitors through their doors. From their showroom a glass partition allows the visitor to observe the goldsmiths at the bench, handcrafting the various collections and ‘one off’ designs that can be found on display.

Goldsmithing is a varied and enriching craft. The goldsmiths use many different tools, techniques and materials steeped in tradition and history, along with cutting edge technologies and processes to transform raw materials to high quality uniquely-made beautiful pieces of jewellery. A world traditionally hidden from view opens before your eyes. Talk with our staff to discover the passion and skills involved.

The Économusée is best experienced Monday to Friday when the goldsmiths are at their benches and the atmosphere of the craft in action can be enjoyed. Saturday visitors can still observe the workshop and sales staff will be on hand to enrich your visit with information.

20 min talks about the Économusée for groups of 4 to 30 can be booked

Artisans at work –Économusée

The Economusee concept began in Quebec, Canada, it is a network of Artisans who strive to promote traditional crafts in rural communities and share the depth of knowledge connected to their craft. By opening their doors to the public, each Economusee offers the visitor an in-depth experience of their work, the materials and processes. Exploring how a traditional craft has allowed their businesses to flourish in the heart of small communities, against the backdrop of the modern 21stcentury world. The network now extends though Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Northern Ireland, with over 70 different craft and agri-food businesses to visit.