Fitted Wedding Bands

You have the most wonderful engagement ring, it’s exactly what you had dreamed of, but unfortunately it doesn’t sit well with a wedding ring? You're not alone. Many people discover when they start searching for the perfect wedding band that an ‘off the self’ ring does not complement or enhance their beloved engagement ring.

Many of the sweeped bands available on the high street are not a good fit. Our goldsmiths are highly skilled in wax carving bands to fit perfectly with your engagement ring. We can offer you a choice of styles and designs that can be adapted to fit snugly. Whether you would like a soft sweep, twist or a tight ‘lock and key’ design, plain band or stone set, your design consultant can guide you through the various different styles.

Our Belfast store has a large range of fitted wedding bands in stock and although the Cinderella fit off the shelf is hard to find, trying on the different options with your ring helps you visualise how your bespoke shaped to fit wedding ring will look. View fitted wedding rings


Do you need my engagement ring?

In most cases we require the engagement ring for approx. 7 -10 days. This is so our goldsmiths can carve a perfect fit to your ring. The process does not harm or alter your engagement ring in any way. Your ring is only handled by Steensons staff between our Belfast store and Glenarm workshop and it is fully insured whilst in our care.

How will I know what it will look like?

A wax model to the dimensions and shape requested is made specifically for your ring. We use this model in a process called ‘lost wax casting’ to make your finished ring. The model can be viewed alongside your engagement ring before you give us your approval to proceed to casting into metal.

How long does the process take?

Normal manufacturing time for fitted wedding rings is 6-8 weeks. If your wedding is imminent give our staff a call, depending on our workload at the time we may be able to accommodate an express service.

Will it be the same metal as my engagement ring?

Yes. We recommend were possible to use the same carat and colour of gold / platinum. Rings worn on the same finger will rub against each other causing wear and matching the material they are made from minimises the effect of this. On rare occasions there may be some very subtle variations in colour, most commonly in white and rose gold, due to a difference in the alloy used by your engagement ring manufacturer and the alloy used in our workshop. This occurs more frequently when the engagement ring has been purchased outside of the UK.