Diamond & Engagement Rings

Diamonds are beautiful wonders of nature, an eternal symbol of love, the perfect gemstone to last a lifetime. At Steensons we design unique engagement rings and diamond rings as individual as you. Handcrafted to the highest standard in our Glenarm workshop, these rings can be tailored especially for you, available in different stones sizes, grades or precious metals. 

Our Bedford Street Store ring department hosts our largest selection of engagement, wedding and diamond rings.

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0.77ct Diamond Ring 4994g


1.01ct 'Tensio' Diamond Ring HD145


1.33ct Diamond Solitaire Ring 4670


0.39ct Diamond Ring 7119


0.58ct Platinum & 18ct Ring 7120


0.59ct Diamond Ring 7163

0.80ct diamond ring 5734

0.80ct Diamond Ring 5734


0.80ct Diamond Ring 7161


0.81ct Diamond Ring 7092


1.13ct Diamond Ring 7099

1.95ct diamond ring 4388

1.95ct Diamond Ring 4388


0.29ct Diamond Ring VVH1


0.30ct 'Tensio' Diamond Ring HD144

0.32ct diamond ring 5358

0.32ct Diamond Ring 5358


0.36ct Diamond Ring 4312

0.56ct diamond ring 4994c

0.45ct Diamond Ring 4994f


0.50ct Platinum Ring 5764


0.56ct Diamond Ring 4994h


0.68ct Diamond Ring 5966


0.93ct Diamond Ring 5873


0.07ct Diamond Ring VVH7

0.50ct diamond ring 5379

0.57ct Diamond Ring 5762

Box ring AGE4

0.25ct Box Ring AGE4

0.31ct diamond ring 4576

0.35ct Diamond Ring 4576