Wedding and Eternity Rings

Deciding on rings that represent your love and commitment to each other is a special occasion, one which we are very privileged to be part of. Relax in-store where you can try different styles, shapes and precious metals of wedding rings and eternity to select what suits best. We are specialists in fitted wedding rings, diamond set eternity bands and rings that are a little bit different.   

Browse Wedding and Eternity Rings in Northern Ireland

0.03ct diamond ring FJ4

0.03ct Diamond Ring FJ4


0.07ct Diamond Ring DO110


0.07ct Diamond Ring DO111


0.09ct Diamond Ring DO166

0.09ct diamond ring GX22

0.09ct Diamond Ring GX22

0.12ct diamond ring FJ91

0.12ct Diamond Ring FJ91

Chapiteau 0.17ct ring AGE66

0.17ct Chapiteau Ring AGE66

0.25ct diamond ring GX14

0.25ct Diamond Ring GX14

0.31ct diamond ring HD46

0.31ct Diamond Ring HD46


0.36ct Diamond Ring GX23

0.48ct diamond ring 3218

0.48ct Diamond Ring 3218

0.53ct diamond ring HD45

0.53ct Diamond Ring HD45

0.85ct diamond ring GX4

0.85ct Diamond Ring GX4

1.23ct diamond ring HD91

1.23ct Diamond Ring HD91

1.51ct diamond ring GX3

1.51ct Diamond Ring GX3

1.69ct diamond ring 2511

1.69ct Diamond Ring 2511

18ct yellow celtic band CCWR2

18ct Celtic Band CCWR2


18ct White Celtic Band

18ct white gold ring FJ47

18ct White Gold Ring FJ47

18ct white gold ring FJ66

18ct White Gold Ring FJ66

2.52ct diamond ring HD92

2.52ct Diamond Ring HD92


2.5mm Hammered Band

platinum 3mm satin ring HD82

3mm Platinum Ring HD82


3mm Vintage Band F100