Coloured Gemstones Rings

We love a splash of colour! The variation and vibrancy of coloured natural gemstones is spectacular, We stock a large range of loose and set gemstones and can source coloured gems on request. From emerald, ruby and sapphire engagement rings, to morganite and tanzanite cocktail rings, semi-precious to precious, express yourself with colour!  

0.56ct Ruby Ring 7113


0.75ct Emerald Ring 7133


1.49ct Sapphire Ring 7110


1.77ct Rubellite Ring 7139


0.62ct Emerald Ring 7132


0.88ct Sapphire and diamond ring


1.98ct Spinel ring 6136


0.07ct Diamond Ring VVH7

Cannelé ring AGE61L

0.39ct Cannelé ring AGE61


0.44ct Tourmaline Empress AGE80


0.50ct Emerald & diamond ring 7146


0.50ct Ruby Clair De Lune AGE64


0.96ct Aquamarine & 0.90ct Tanzanite Ring DO213


1.06ct Diamond Ring 5874


6.20ct Blue topaz platinum ring

Celestial ring AGE44

Celestial ring AGE44


Chocolate Box Ring

Emerald and yellow gold ring 5672

Emerald Ring 5672

Ruby Platinum ring 4640

Ruby Platinum ring 4640