Bespoke Jewellery Designs

Do you love our work but haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for? That's where our Bespoke Jewellery Designs service comes in! We have been designing bespoke jewellery for over forty years, with a wealth and breadth of knowledge and expertise to help create a truly unique piece. Whether it’s an bespoke engagement ring for the love of your life or a daughter’s graduation present, we can design something of true sentiment, to be treasured forever.

How does it work?

It starts with a relaxed, no obligation consultation at your preferred store. You may have a very clear idea of your specifications or you may wish to browse the styles and designs we have on display to gain inspiration. Our design team are happy to guide as much or as little as you need until a clear understanding of your requirements are reached.

After your initial consultation, your consultant will follow up with an estimated cost for the design and any technical recommendations from the goldsmithing team. Follow-up consultations to confirm details can be booked for instore or by email, depending on what is convenient for you.

If the piece requires gemstones, we will offer you an instore consultation to view a selection of loose stones, to pick your favourite. We work in platinum, yellow, rose and white gold, silver and a full range of natural gemstones. Fairtrade gold and Ecosilver are also available on request. 

We use many different designing and manufacturing techniques. In most bespoke orders we use CAD software to create a visual representation of your design concept and a wax model for approval. Once a design is confirmed our skilled goldsmiths handcraft your unique Steensons piece in our Glenarm workshop.


How long does it take?

A new piece has a number of different stages to go through in manufacturing, some faster than others, but in most cases a bespoke order will take approximately 10 weeks. If you have a specific deadline let your design consultant know during your initial consultation.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the metals, stones and design time involved in the piece. We have bespoke made jewellery for many different budgets. Silver pieces average from £200 - £1000, whereas gold and platinum pieces tend to start around £600 upwards, but we always provide a free estimate before any manufacturing starts.

Can I control the budget?

Of course. That's the beauty of a bespoke piece, you can control everything. If you have a specific budget in mind, let your consultant know as it helps them when showing you materials and gemstones to suit your budget. We price design time into our estimates. However if the design is changed a lot over a number of consultations your consultant will make you aware if you are adding any further design cost to your commission.

I’m not very good at visualising, is a bespoke piece suitable for me?

Don’t worry, we are very experienced at helping you jump this hurdle. Once we have an understanding of your idea and have given an estimate, images of the design from different angles can be created. If the jewellery is to be crafted using lost wax casting, then you can view the wax model before casting into metal. Although fragile, this really helps understand how the finished piece will look.

Will you copy a design?

We are designers first and foremost. We have a style which is recognisably Steensons. Its what our customers love and visit us for. Visuals of other designs can help our design consultants understand your style, so feel free to bring some, however we do not copy other designers work or style. No offence is meant by a refusal.