Joan Datzira

This Barcelona-based designer and gemmologist, has exhibited his jewellery pieces widely in Europe. Known for his minimalist style, he works primarily in sterling silver and titanium and uses organically inspired shapes, surface finishes and gemstones to create contemporary classics.

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Circles Pendant with Diamond JNJ33


Leaf Pendant with Diamond JNJ32


Blue Titanium and 18ct Yellow Gold Cuff by Joan Datzira JNJ93


Circles Bracelet JNJ13


Leaf Earrings JNJ15


Leaf Torque Bangle JNJ9


Leaf Torque Ring JNJ6


Oxidised Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold Leaf Stud by Joan Datzira JNJ16


Oxidised Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold Necklace by Joan Datzira JNJ29


Oxidised Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with 18ct Yellow Gold by Joan Datzira JNJ74