Game of Thrones

We have been delighted to work on numerous pieces for the HBO blockbuster production Game of Thrones, a series which any fan will know, is filmed extensively in Northern Ireland and in particular the Antrim coast has featured often as 'The North'. Far removed from our contemporary, clean lined designs, creating costume pieces for the drama is an exciting challenge for us. It is a rare opportunity to work on a larger scale and showcase modelling and metal-craft skills to an exceptional standard. As a craftsperson, artist and a keen reader of the books (eagerly awaiting Winds of Winter) it is exhilarating to see pieces you have meticulously crafted come to life in a theatrical and flamboyant way. Here are just some of our creations, do you recognise any…?

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Our Game of Thrones Jewelry Work

Joffery Baratheons’ Crown

Margaery Tyrell and Joffery Baratheons’ wedding in series 4/ episode 2, was an extravagant opulent affair. We were absolutely delighted to be commissioned to make the crowns for the new King and Queen of the seven Kingdoms.

Antler shapes were hand cut from 5mm sheet brass, then filed, shaped and textured. Joffery’s crown was made in four sections and soldered together. Silver buds were cast from real rose buds and intertwined with through the brass

The Hand of the King

One of the opening scenes of GOT series 1 has Lord Arryn body laid out in state; he wears a Chain of Office for ‘The Hand of the King’ around his neck. 

A half metre long bronze chain of interlocking hands, this piece weighs over 200g of solid brass. Constructed by a combination of CAD, hand carving, casting and riveting. Knowing the plot line from the books, we would expect to see this chain appear in a future series

Margaery’s bridal necklace.

Margaery’s bridal necklace. This stunning necklace was created using CAD software, cast in sterling silver and rose gold plated. It is hand set with oval and round moonstones, blue topaz and three cubic zirconia.

Lanister lion pendants.

The lioness pendant is worn by Cersei on a number of screen appearences, throughout the three series. A smaller version is given by Joffery to Sansa in series one, not long before he cuts off her father’s head, charming!

These were created by CAD, cast in sterling silver, gold plated and ‘aged’

Sansa Starks' Necklace

Not a hairnet of black amethyst as GoT book fans would have anticipated, Sansa was given a necklace by Ser Dontos instead. 

This was also crafted in Steensons Glenarm workshop, from sterling silver and rose gold plated. The final necklace had seven cystals, not eight as seen here. And of course that end stone was no ordinary crystal!

Daenerys dragon brooches 

Dragon brooches worn by Daenerys and her brother Viserys, we made three of these in total. Dragon heads and silver circles were initially created on CAD, and 3D milled in wax. The finer detail on the dragon heads was then hand carved in the wax before casting them in silver. The swords were made by filing and shaping steel.

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