Jill Graham

Jill Graham's fascination of organic structure is used to inform her unique jewellery pieces. Strong, bold shapes stress the qualities of the inclusion of texture and form. She draws inspiration from surface treatment of nature and elements of plant life where patterns made can make the most beautiful designs. From conception, the jewellery is minimal and fundamental. However, through the construction process, complexity is built in to the piece from layering and mixing precious metals.

Jill Graham Irish born, studied Silversmith and Jewellery at Loughborough University. Since graduating, she has worked as a self-employed artist, jeweller. She currently maintains a studio in the Mournes Mountains, County Down, in Northern Ireland.

Autumnal Bracelet- Jill Graham JG155


Autumnal Large hook earrings- Jill Graham JG157


Autumnal Large stud earrings- Jill Graham JG153


Autumnal Necklace- Jill Graham JG145


Autumnal Necklace- Jill Graham JG146


Autumnal Necklace- Jill Graham JG150


Autumnal Small hook earrings- Jill Graham JG152


Autumnal Small pendant- Jill Graham JG147


Autumnal Small pendant- Jill Graham JG148


Autumnal Small studs- Jill Graham JG154


Autumnal very small pendant- Jill Graham JG149


Eternal Hook Earrings- Jill Graham JG70


Eternal Large pendant- Jill Graham JG66


Eternal Small Hook Earring- Jill Graham JG128


Eternal Stud Earring- Jill Graham JG71


Eternal medium pendant- Jill Graham JG67


Eternal small pendant- Jill Graham JG60


Wings Large Pendant- Jill Graham JG158


Wings Large studs- Jill Graham JG161


Wings Pendant- Jill Graham JG159


Wings Small Pendant- Jill Graham JG160


Wings studs- Jill Graham JG163


Wings swing earrings Jill Graham JG162