Diamond Rings

Diamonds are beautiful, unique wonders of nature, at Steensons we believe that the design and craftsmanship of a ring should exhibit the same qualities. We design to be distinctive, your ring should be as individual as you. Many of these rings are available in different stones sizes, grades or precious metals. That’s what’s lovely about having a handmade ring, it can be tailored for you. 

Our Bedford Street Store ring department hosts our largest selection of precious rings.  BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NOW

1.33ct Diamond ring 4670


1.51ct Diamond ring 4668

0.56ct diamond ring 4994c

0.45ct diamond ring 4994d


1.11ct diamond trilogy ring 6093


1ct diamond ring 7018

0.53ct diamond ring 5860

0.53ct diamond ring 5860


0.51ct marquise diamond ring 5912

0.80ct diamond ring 5734

0.80ct diamond ring 5734

0.87ct diamond ring 4713

0.87ct diamond ring 4713


18ct white 0.93ct Ring 5873

0.90ct diamond ring 3450

0.90ct diamond ring 3450


0.41ct Platinum Ring