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Wedding rings

Our largest collection of wedding rings can be found at our Bedford street store, here is a selection to get you started. Whether you are looking for a plain band, something contemporary, or need a bespoke wedding ring shaped to fit, you will find a wealth of possibilities to choose from.

  • 0.32ct diamond ring FJ96

    0.32ct diamond ring-FJ96

  • 0.33ct diamond ring GX7

    0.33ct diamond ring-GX7

  • 0.36ct diamond ring GX23

    0.36ct diamond ring-GX23

  • 0.48ct diamond ring 3218

    0.48ct diamond ring-3218

  • 0.53ct diamond ring HD45

    0.53ct diamond ring-HD45

  • 0.55ct diamond ring GX1

    0.55ct diamond ring-GX1

  • 0.55ct diamond ring GX10

    0.55ct diamond ring-GX10

  • 0.70ct diamond ring HD83

    0.70ct diamond ring-HD83

  • 0.75ct diamond ring GX12

    0.75ct diamond ring-GX12

  • 0.85ct diamond ring GX4

    0.85ct diamond ring-GX4

  • 1.23ct diamond ring HD91

    1.23ct diamond ring-HD91

  • 1.51ct diamond ring GX3

    1.51ct diamond ring-GX3

  • 1.69ct diamond ring 2511

    1.69ct diamond ring-2511

  • 18ct white gold ring FJ47

    18ct white gold ring-FJ47

  • 18ct white gold ring FJ66

    18ct white gold ring-FJ66

  • 18ct Y/W/R ring FJ23

    18ct Y/W/R ring-FJ23

  • 2.52ct diamond ring HD92

    2.52ct diamond ring-HD92

  • 6mm platinum ring FJ5

    6mm platinum ring-FJ5

  • 7mm Plat/18ctR ring FJ90

    7mm plat/18ctR ring-FJ90

  • Chapiteau 0.17ct ring AGE66

    0.17ct Chapiteau Ring-AGE66

  • Court profile wedding bands

    Court shaped bands-BC2.5-7mm

  • Heavy Court wedding bands

    Heavy Court bands-BHC2.5-7mm

  • platinum 3mm satin ring HD82

    3mm platinum ring-HD82

  • Titanium flat ring

    Titanium flat band-GE106

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