Each of our rings has been lovingly handcrafted in our Glenarm workshop, where we have been making for nearly forty years. Strong design with fine craftsmanship has always been our ethos and we strive daily to ensure every piece that leaves our workshop, does so to the highest standard for which we are proud. 

Our largest selection of Steensons rings can be found at our Bedford Street store. If you wish to reserve a specific ring for viewing in store please email or phone in advance, as stock levels will fluctuate.

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  • 0.36ct platinum and 18ct rose ring 4312

    0.36ct platinum 18ctR ring-4312

  • 0.41ct platinum ring 4711

    0.41ct platinum ring-4711

  • 0.30ct diamond ring 3660

    0.30ct diamond ring-3660

  • 0.32ct diamond ring 5358

    0.32ct diamond ring-5358

  • 0.33ct diamond ring 5257

    0.33ct diamond ring-5257

  • 0.40ct diamond ring 7002

    0.40ct diamond ring-7002

  • 0.42ct 18ct Rose gold

    0.42ct 18ct Rose gold 7013-7013

  • 0.49ct diamond ring 5359

    0.49ct diamond ring-5359

  • 0.53ct diamond ring 5860

    0.53ct diamond ring-5860

  • Sapphire & diamond ring 5352

    Sapphire & diamond ring-5352

  • Emerald and yellow gold ring 5672

    Emerald 18ct gold ring-5672

  • 0.45ct platinum ring 5674

    0.45ct platinum ring-5674

  • Rubellite and diamond ring 3398

    1.06ct Rubellite ring-3398

  • 0.12ct black diamond ring 2038

    0.12ct black diamond ring-2038

  • 0.30ct diamond ring 1729

    0.30ct diamond ring-1729

  • 0.48ct diamond ring 3218

    0.48ct diamond ring-3218