Henrich Denzel

Quality and Design - words symbiotic with German manufacturing, and no less so with Henrich and Denzel. Graceful and refined, each ring is comfort fit, perfectly balanced and immaculately finished. 

Our largest selection on HD rings are available from our Bedford Street store.

  • 0.34ct diamond ring HD78

    0.34ct diamond ring-HD78

  • 0.45ct diamond ring HD86

    0.45ct diamond ring-HD86

  • 0.465ct diamond ring HD85

    0.465ct diamond ring-HD85

  • 0.465ct diamond ring HD88

    0.46ct diamond ring-HD88

  • 0.53ct diamond ring HD45

    0.53ct diamond ring-HD45

  • 0.70ct diamond ring HD83

    0.70ct diamond ring-HD83

  • 1.23ct diamond ring HD91

    1.23ct diamond ring-HD91