Furrer Jacot

Swiss manufacturer Furrer Jacot exemplifies the perfect combination of cutting edge engineering and fine craftsmanship. Beautifully balanced in weight, these rings feel significant, as a wedding ring should. Each ring is exclusively made to order and has its own unique serial number. Here is a small section of their coveted designs, more of which can be viewed in our Bedford Street store.

  • 0.03ct diamond ring FJ4

    0.03ct diamond ring

  • 0.08ct diamond ring FJ50

    0.08ct diamond ring

  • 0.12ct diamond ring FJ91

    0.12ct diamond ring

  • 0.30ct diamond ring FJ115

    0.30ct diamond ring

  • 0.32ct diamond ring FJ96

    0.32ct diamond ring

  • 18ct white gold ring FJ47

    18ct white gold ring

  • 18ct white gold ring FJ66

    18ct white gold ring

  • 18ct Y/W/R ring FJ23

    18ct Y/W/R ring

  • 6mm platinum ring FJ5

    6mm platinum ring

  • 7mm Plat/18ctR ring FJ90

    7mm plat/18ctR ring