Engagement Rings

Congratulations, you have found the perfect partner, now you’re looking for the perfect ring. Choosing an engagement ring is an exciting and unique event, but it can also be a little confusing, there is so much to choose from! We hope we can help. Our advice would be to look primary at the design, rather than the stone size or metal, as all our rings can be tailored specifically for you. We have an even bigger selection at our Bedford Street Store.

Secondly you need to visit, even with the best photography, you do not get a true sense of a ring’s beauty until it is on your finger. The trying on process can often surprise, many fall in love with something completely in contrast to their original design concept. If you wish to reserve a specific ring for viewing in store please email or phone in advance, as stock levels will fluctuate.

View our stone setting video

  • 0.70ct diamond ring GX42

    0.70ct diamond ring-GX42

  • 0.32ct diamond ring 5370

    0.32ct diamond ring-5370

  • 0.34ct diamond ring HD78

    0.34ct diamond ring-HD78

  • 0.42ct diamond ring PS21

    0.42ct diamond ring-PS21

  • 0.465ct diamond ring HD85

    0.465ct diamond ring-HD85

  • 0.465ct diamond ring HD88

    0.46ct diamond ring-HD88

  • 0.52ct diamond ring set 2122

    0.52ct diamond ring set-2122

  • 0.56ct diamond ring 4994c

    0.56ct diamond ring-4994c

  • Blue & pink sapphire ring 5279

    Blue & pink sapphire ring-5279

  • Fission ring AGE21

    0.50ct Fission ring-AGE21

  • Triumph ring AGE9

    0.64ct diamond ring-AGE9

  • 0.50ct diamond ring 4274

    0.50ct diamond ring-4274