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Diamond rings

It’s all about the diamond? At Steensons we think design should have equal status. We design to be different, unique, your ring should be as individual as you. Many of these rings are available in different stones sizes, grades or precious metals. That’s what’s lovely about having a handmade ring, it can be tailored for you. We have an even bigger selection at our Bedford Street Store.

Certified stones are available and we have staff qualified in Diamond Grading. View our stone setting video

  • 0.25ct diamond ring GX14

    0.25ct diamond ring-GX14

  • 0.25ct diamond ring GX8

    0.25ct diamond ring-GX8

  • 0.30ct diamond ring 1729

    0.30ct diamond ring-1729

  • 0.30ct diamond ring FJ115

    0.30ct diamond ring-FJ115

  • 0.30ct diamond ring GX11

    0.30ct diamond ring-GX11

  • 0.30ct diamond ring GX2

    0.30ct diamond ring-GX2

  • 0.31ct diamond ring HD46

    0.31ct diamond ring-HD46

  • 0.32ct diamond ring FJ96

    0.32ct diamond ring-FJ96

  • 0.33ct diamond ring GX7

    0.33ct diamond ring-GX7

  • 0.36ct diamond ring GX23

    0.36ct diamond ring-GX23

  • 0.48ct diamond ring 3218

    0.48ct diamond ring-3218

  • 0.50ct Empress Ring

    0.50ct Empress Ring-Empress

  • 0.53ct diamond ring HD45

    0.53ct diamond ring-HD45

  • 0.55ct diamond ring GX1

    0.55ct diamond ring-GX1

  • 0.55ct diamond ring GX10

    0.55ct diamond ring-GX10

  • 0.70ct diamond ring HD83

    0.70ct diamond ring-HD83

  • 0.75ct diamond ring GX12

    0.75ct diamond ring-GX12

  • 0.85ct diamond ring GX4

    0.85ct diamond ring-GX4

  • 1.23ct diamond ring HD91

    1.23ct diamond ring-HD91

  • 1.51ct diamond ring GX3

    1.51ct diamond ring-GX3

  • 1.69ct diamond ring 2511

    1.69ct diamond ring-2511

  • 2.52ct diamond ring HD92

    2.52ct diamond ring-HD92

  • Chapiteau 0.17ct ring AGE66

    0.17ct Chapiteau Ring-AGE66

  • Running free ring GRF28

    Running free ring-GRF28

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