Diamond rings

It’s all about the diamond? At Steensons we think design should have equal status. We design to be different, unique, your ring should be as individual as you. Many of these rings are available in different stones sizes, grades or precious metals. That’s what’s lovely about having a handmade ring, it can be tailored for you. We have an even bigger selection at our Bedford Street Store.

Certified stones are available and we have staff qualified in Diamond Grading. View our stone setting video

  • 0.70ct diamond ring GX42

    0.70ct diamond ring-GX42

  • 0.81ct platinum halo ring 4294

    0.81ct platinum halo ring-4294

  • 0.34ct diamond ring HD78

    0.34ct diamond ring-HD78

  • 0.50ct diamond ring 3588

    0.50ct diamond ring-3588

  • 0.50ct diamond ring 5379

    0.50ct diamond ring-5379

  • 0.54ct diamond ring 5368

    0.54ct diamond ring-5368

  • 0.56ct diamond ring 4994c

    0.56ct diamond ring-4994c

  • 1.19ct diamond ring 5995

    1.19ct diamond ring-5995

  • Cannelé ring AGE58

    0.41ct Cannelé Ring-AGE58

  • Cannelé ring AGE69

    0.39ct Cannelé Ring-AGE69

  • Chapiteau 0.39ct ring AGE65

    0.39ct Chapiteau Ring-AGE65

  • Reveal ring AGE33

    0.40ct Reveal ring-AGE33

  • Triumph ring AGE9

    0.64ct diamond ring-AGE9

  • 0.80ct Rose gold ring 5456

    0.80ct Rose gold ring-5456

  • 0.50ct diamond ring 4274

    0.50ct diamond ring-4274

  • Celestial ring AGE44

    Tourmilated 18ct gold ring-AGE44

  • 0.30ct diamond ring FJ115

    0.30ct diamond ring-FJ115

  • 0.32ct diamond ring FJ96

    0.32ct diamond ring-FJ96

  • 0.53ct diamond ring HD45

    0.53ct diamond ring-HD45

  • 0.55ct diamond ring GX10

    0.55ct diamond ring-GX10