Andrew Geoghegan

Since 1998, the award winning designer Andrew Geoghegan has been garnering a reputation for precision-designed chic; for pieces that unify sometimes seemingly contradictory elements – angular facets and soft curves, warm shades and metallic coldness. But the most important union of all, the one that inspires the work most, is the one between jewellery and its wearer. The spirit and ambition of each creation is to enhance and illuminate beauty, never to eclipse it; to complement and invigorate it. The studio, nestled in Yorkshire’s lush rolling hills, is the inspirational setting for the Andrew Geoghegan collection - jewellery for you to make your own – a quietly striking addition, your own work of art.

A much larger selection of AG rings, including sapphire and ruby designs, can be found at our Bedford Street store

  • Cannelé ring AGE58

    0.41ct Cannelé Ring-AGE58

  • Chapiteau 0.39ct ring AGE65

    0.39ct Chapiteau Ring-AGE65

  • Reveal ring AGE33

    0.40ct Reveal ring-AGE33

  • Triumph ring AGE9

    0.64ct diamond ring-AGE9

  • Celestial ring AGE44

    Tourmilated 18ct gold ring-AGE44