Other Designers at The Steensons

The Steensons stock over 50 European and local designers. Below is a small selection to give you a taster but a visit to the Belfast store is a must to see all the designers on offer.

Andrew Geoghegan

Andrew understands that to be a successful jewellery designer many factors must be considered such as trends, practicality, durability and innovation. However the crucial element in capturing the attention of an individual and evoking emotion within them is the aesthetics. Aesthetics can be broken down into several areas such as balance and proportion though Andrew believes that simplicity is the key.

To captivate an individual further Andrew may develop certain characteristics within his designs by displaying aspects of the stones usually hidden, combining classic elements with contemporary or by involving moving or removable parts. Each creation however simple it may at first appear, has been meticulously designed and Andrew approaches each piece as a functional sculpture.

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Paul Spurgeon Jewellery

Paul Spurgeon

Paul Spurgeon is noted as one of the modern innovators in British jewellery design and within the industry is sometimes quoted as the ‘Goldsmiths’ Goldsmith’ - he has twice been voted the UK Jewellery Designer of the Year and has won a host of other awards.

Gravity-defying settings, frequent use of his favourite marquise cut stones, the super-radiant Iceflower cut which he also favours and his love affair with the warm brown diamonds that he calls ‘chocolate’ - these are all cutting-edge characteristics that make the Paul Spurgeon brand recognisable and please the aficionados who seek out and collect his work.

A piece of Paul Spurgeon diamond jewellery is utterly distinctive and very precious. The particular balance that characterises his designs - modernist yet wearable, minimalist yet feminine, fluid-lined yet substantial, is unique to his design aesthetic. Add to that the supremely high standards he sets himself in both stone quality and workmanship and the result is an immediately identifiable, very special item.



Henrich & Denzel Jewellery

Henrich & Denzel

The name Henrich & Denzel stands for exclusive jewellery made from platinum and diamonds, for values which endure. Developing collections with a clear style, which not only reflect the beauty of our time but also become modern classics which stand the test of time regardless of fashion trends. Henrich & Denzel have a clear profile: they focus on essentials, there are no unconsidered compromises. This also includes their choice of material. Using precious metals only in their natural colours, this means as white precious metal, naturally white platinum, and as yellow precious metal, yellow gold. They make a clear connection between material and shape, between function and aesthetics.


The working of platinum requires a high level of skill and experience. At Henrich & Denzel the traditional goldsmith's craft and sophisticated technology are combined to create exquisite pieces of jewellery.

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Furrer-Jacot Jewellery


In 1858 Jean-Jacques Arbenz set up Furrer Jacot in Schaffhausen, where he knew he would find one of the elements so essential to the production of his sophisticated jewellery creations: a long-established tradition of fine craftsmanship.

Even today, this is a tradition still proudly upheld at Furrer-Jacot. Although the former one-man business is now an international jewellery manufacturer with a staff of nearly 100, they still attach the greatest importance to craftsmanship of the highest standard. Furrer-Jacot are not in the mass goods market so they do not produce 'to stock.' Each customer's wishes are treated individually and each creation is made to order. Individuality and exclusivity is the philosophy that guides them.

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"I love the architecture of small forms", Ilse Ebert says, "it makes me happy to see self-concious women wear MANU-jewellery like a dot on the I". More than twenty years ago, she founded MANU-jewellery together with her husband Horst."

Today, Johannes Weege and his team make sure the formula of success is carried on and refined into the next generation.



Jane Adam Jewellery

Jane Adam

Jane Adam's jewellery can be seen in galleries, exhibitions and, most importantly, being worn by discerning people, all around the world.

Her work is the result of twenty years of constant innovation and experimentation with a modern industrial material: anodised aluminium. With this everyday material, she creates something new and unexpected, where soft marks and subtle colours exist on a shimmery, iridescent surface. Thus, she creates pieces that extend traditional jewellery values: those of beauty, femininity and preciousness.

Her work explores female sensuality, both in the nature of the forms themselves and in the way they feel when worn. By becoming part of the wearer's experience and expression, her jewellery is transformed and complete.


Jill Graham

Jill Graham is one of Northern Ireland's up and coming jewellery designers. Specializing in high quality, contemporary jewellery, Jill works only in precious metals, mainly sterling silver and 18ct gold. Each item of jewellery is handmade and individual.

The main source of inspiration for Jill's work comes from organic structures, elements of plant life. She also likes to explore themes of layering, movement and texture. This intuitive and spontaneous way of working takes full advantage of the natural qualities and beauty of the materials. The unique and beautiful designs of Jill Graham are attracting attention at home and abroad.

Linda Macdonald

Designed and made near Loch Lomond in Scotland, Linda's whimsical award winning silver collections capture the essence of the British countryside, the delicate detail and romance of nature. Linda Macdonald has become one of the leading jewellery designers in the UK
With keepsake and timeless qualities, Linda Macdonald jewellery offers the perfect excuse to spoil a loved one with a lasting treasure. 

Becky Crow

Becky Crow's work has always had a strongly illustrative leaning. It grows out of drawings and sketches some observational, some imagined. Stories or poems are captured in silver and transformed into miniature scenes telling out across the surface of a brooch or hanging as a pendant. The focus often revolves around people, with recent work exploring relationships and connections and asking the questions; where do we fit in the world? Who are our family? Our friends? How do we connect with them? What journeys are we on? Other pieces follow different themes; some are just playful accessories, and some take inspiration from the natural world- a flight of birds, butterflies in summer, the jewellery resonant with memories of watching these things.