Jewellery Care

We want you to enjoy your jewellery in good condition for as long as possible, so caring for your jewellery is important.


Precious metals will react to body salts causing the metal to discolour; this is referred to as tarnishing. Chemicals we use every day, such as moisturising creams, perfumes, hair products etc, act as accelerants to this reaction. Chlorine and sun creams can be especially harsh on the surface of your jewellery and contact should be avoided. We recommended that you clean your jewellery regularly to remove any build up, ideally after it has been worn, therefore removing any residue which could continue to cause a reaction whilst it is in storage. To help minimise scratching always remove your jewellery, especially rings, when doing any manual work.

Stone set jewellery worn regularly, especially rings, should have a maintenance check every 18-24 months. This is to insure there has been no damage or excessive wear on the settings and/or stones, which could lead to the loss of a stone. Any jewellery with moving parts is more susceptible to wear. Links, hinges, drop earring fittings and similar may need metalwork built up or replaced from time to time. Stud earring posts, due to their fineness can break and need replaced.



A soak in warm soapy water followed by a clean warm water rinse is normally sufficient for cleaning. Dry the item well with soft kitchen roll or cloth to prevent water marks. For stubborn tarnish we recommend Hagerty jewellery cleaning products, please read the instructions carefully and take all safety steps recommended. These are safe to use with most precious and semi-precious stones, but stones which should definitely not be submerged are; pearls, emeralds, lapis lazuli, opals, turquoise, amber and lava, this is not an exhaustive list so if you are in any doubt please phone for advice before submerging any stone.

Minor scratches can be removed with a jewellery polishing cloth. Deeper scratches and dents can be returned for refinishing to our workshop for a minimal charge.

Storage and transporting

Always store your jewellery in an appropriate box where it cannot scratch against or become entangled with other pieces. Transport jewellery singularly to prevent other objects or jewellery from scratching or breaking your piece. We recommend a firm box, rather than a soft pouch which offers no protection against a weighted object in the same bag. Never drop a piece of jewellery loose into a bag.

Special care should be taken with snake chains and neck wires. They should always be stored flat, if they are caught or tugged in any manor, they can kink, often rendering them beyond repair.