Originally created in 18ct yellow gold this collection was influenced by the textures and colour of Egyptian papyrus paper. The design proved so popular a silver collection was introduced.  This collection is currently being refreshed with new shapes. We are working on updating the website.  The new designs are available to view in store.
  • Papyrus bangle SPAP11

    Papyrus bangle-SPAP11

  • Papyrus brooch SPAP2

    Papyrus brooch-SPAP2

  • Papyrus brooch SPAP28

    Papyrus brooch-SPAP28

  • Papyrus cross SPAP9

    Papyrus cross-SPAP9

  • Papyrus earrings SPAP17

    Papyrus earrings-SPAP17

  • Papyrus earrings SPAP23

    Papyrus earrings-SPAP23

  • Papyrus earrings SPAP26

    Papyrus earrings-SPAP26

  • Papyrus earrings SPAP7

    Papyrus earrings-SPAP7

  • Papyrus pearl pendant SPAP4P

    Papyrus pearl pendant-SPAP4P

  • Papyrus pendant SPAP10

    Papyrus pendant-SPAP10

  • Papyrus pendant SPAP3

    Papyrus pendant-SPAP3

  • Papyrus pendant SPAP8

    Papyrus pendant-SPAP8