Early morning fell runs in the rolling hills of the Antrim Glens brought about the subtle landscape lines of the Daybreak range.
Made from ‘Reflections’ silver with a germanium alloy content. The germanium gives the high white finish on the surface, contrasted strongly with the black rhodium and 18ct gold detail.
  • Daybreak pendant DB1

    Daybreak pendant-DB1

  • Daybreak pendant DB11

    Daybreak pendant-DB11

  • Daybreak pendant DB13

    Daybreak pendant-DB13

  • Daybreak pendant DB2

    Daybreak pendant-DB2

  • Daybreak pendant DB3

    Daybreak pendant-DB3

  • Daybreak pendant DB5

    Daybreak pendant-DB5

  • Daybreak earrings DB12

    Daybreak earrings-DB12

  • Daybreak earrings DB6

    Daybreak earrings-DB6

  • Daybreak earrings DB7

    Daybreak earrings-DB7

  • Daybreak bracelet DB10

    Daybreak bracelet-DB10

  • Daybreak ring DB8

    Daybreak ring-DB8

  • Daybreak bangle DB14

    Daybreak bangle-Db14

  • Daybreak Bracelet DB15

    Daybreak Bracelet-DB15

  • Daybreak Bracelet DB16

    Daybreak Bracelet-DB16

  • Daybreak bracelet DB9

    Daybreak bracelet-DB9

  • Daybreak brooch DB4

    Daybreak brooch-DB4