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Your Wedding rings - Making the right choice

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dating back almost 4800 years, the tradition of exchanging wedding bands began with the Egyptians, who braided sedges and reeds into small circles and exchanged them. These “rings” were seen as a symbol of eternity, representing no beginning or end, with the centre symbolic of events in store for the couple.

Fast forward to the present and wedding rings are still the ultimate symbol of marriage. They are a lasting sign of your union and symbolic of the vows you take. Unlike many of the purchases you will make, your rings will last for your lifetime together; therefore it is important to get them right. Be it a contemporary, unique band or a traditional band, your rings should reflect you as individuals and as a couple.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on what type of ring is best for you and we will be blogging on these individually over the next couple of weeks. Which precious metal to choose, what profile to go for and whether to opt for a unique ring with a beautiful design, or a traditional plain band are all decisions which are personal to you both, there is no right or wrong.

Many couples do want to infuse their wedding ring with their own personal style, there is now a great array of contemporary designs to choose from and it’s even possible to have your rings made bespoke. Opting for additional finishes such as a brushed finish, contrasting metals or details such as milgrain or a pattern can add distinctive but elegant twists. Couples can also choose to add engraving to make the ring more unique to them, typically on the inside of the band. The wedding date, a special saying or even a fingerprint are all popular choices.

Whether traditional or unique, diamond set or two-toned, spending time to find the perfect wedding ring is important. Always go to a reputable jeweller, where the staff will take the time to listen to your specific requirements. They will ask about your preferred styles but they may also ask you about your work and hobbies as this can affect what type of ring that would suit you, different precious metals have different wearing properties and some more than others may be suited to your lifestyle. If you have an engagement ring, they can advise what would suit best to compliment it. If it needs a wedding ring shaped to fit, they can guide you through your various options.

Some decisions to make before you visit your jeweller would be; do you both intend to wear a ring and if so do you want matching wedding bands, or with individual details? Very importantly set your budget, your ideal and your maximum! Decide what jeweller you would like to make your rings, we hope you’ll come to Steensons, but whoever you choose make sure they will give you the time it takes to decide, be it one visit or ten! Finally be confident you will receive a good aftercare service, after all you will be wearing your rings for many happy years to come. 

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